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Why You Should Include Your Location on Your CV

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Nicole Doughton CVs & Interviews

Take a second to check if your location is on your CV.

More often than not, recruitment agencies will receive a curriculum vitae without an address or even a postcode. Some candidates do this to protect their sensitive data, while others believe that their location will cause them to be discriminated against or restrict them from job opportunities. There is a lot of conflicting information about whether to include these details so I have put together some reasons why we prefer you to include it. It is useful to consider these knock-on effects when you don’t share the locality which you wish to work within.

I also share ways to shorten the information you submit, without restricting your chances of being matched to your perfect company.


Be found on CV databases

A job board is a database which includes thousands of candidates’ job hunting. Also known as a CRM system, it collates candidate information, often worldwide. Recruiters will also manage their own database of candidates. When you omit your address from your CV, this can cause problems with storing your requirements on a CRM system.

Employers and recruiters will search job boards for candidates. The search will often be based on skill set, experience and – most importantly – location. Needless to say, if you haven’t included this information, then your record will not appear. You run the risk of not being found for a role you are the perfect candidate for. Recruiters may assume that you don’t live locally if you leave your address off.

In a recruitment process with a short deadline, not everyone will understand why you haven’t included a location on your CV and this may have a negative impact. As it is a standard piece of information to include, without your location, some assume that candidates are trying to hide something.

On the other hand, they may contact you regarding roles that are hours from your home because they don’t know where you live.


Happy to relocate

We appreciate that candidates who contract would rather leave this information off of their CV. Many want remote work; are open to relocating; happy to commute further or work anywhere in the UK. If this is the case, then it is important that you include this useful information on your CV. Put a little note at the top about your flexibility. Share that you are open to relocating or interested in roles within X miles of your postcode.

If you are looking to relocate to a particular area, then it is OK to add that location to your CV. For example, if you are looking for roles in Southampton, but you currently live in Scotland, then include something along the lines of: “Location: Southampton, SO16 – I am relocating to this area in April 2018. Happy to discuss.” This is especially useful if your employment history is in a different area to the one which you are job hunting. If you apply for a role in a city miles away, the recruiter may assume that you have applied by mistake.

You may think that including your location will disadvantage you from candidates who live closer to a job role, but actually, this gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your dedication, reliability, organisational skills and punctuality to commute to roles which take, say a 4 hour round trip. This is especially true if you have actively applied for the role, therefore showing interest in the particular company and job description.

Additionally, if a recruiter is using the search criteria, they will often widen this search to include candidates further afield so you are maximising your chances of being matched to a role.


How to limit this information

Ideally, you will add your full address, remembering to include your postcode. Reliable recruiters will never make a judgement on your location’s reputation, good or bad. If, however, this makes you feel uncomfortable you can shorten this information to your town/ city and your partial postcode e.g. Portsmouth, PO1.



If a recruiter can understand what is important to you for your next career move, you are more likely to be matched to jobs which you willing to interview for. As a minimum, add your location i.e. Bournemouth, BH8. If you are relocating then it is useful to add the area which you are looking to work in, rather than your current address. Additionally, include information which is important to your search.


It is pretty clear what we think, but what are your thoughts?