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Spectrum IT Recruitment 10th Celebration Cakes

Birthday cakes stacked on shelf

Nicole Doughton Spectrum IT Updates

Over a hundred branded Spectrum IT Recruitment 10 Year Celebration cakes were sent out by courier to our clients, some of whom we have worked with since we started back in 2008.

Celebrating 10 years Spectrum IT cake

We have had a wonderful response on email and Twitter, from the clients whose cakes were delivered this morning. Here are just some of the comments that we have received so far!

"Just wanted to say thanks for the cake which arrived today and congratulations on Spectrums 10th anniversary. Thanks for all your efforts on the recent recruitment campaigns, it’s been a busy year and there may well be more you can help us with over the coming months.  I’ll get in touch as I have further news."

"Just a quick one to say thank you for the cake! Always appreciated and congrats to Spectrum on the 10 years!"

"I came into work to a lovely surprise this morning……thank you very much for our cake.  Needless to say, it has gone down a storm with everyone here!  It was very kind of you to send it to us"

"Thanks for the cakes guys, much appreciated. Congrats on the 10 years"

"Thank you to the whole team of Spectrum for the lovely surprise this morning! Cake has arrived and it’s in the staff kitchen and likely to get eaten as I type. Congratulations on your 10 year success in the business."

"Thanks for the lovely cake, nothing better than opening a parcel with cake on the side!!" 

"Thank you very much for the cake.  What a lovely surprise to come "into this morning!

"What a lovely surprise.  The cake has arrived safely and is being enjoyed by the team. Happy Birthday, Spectrum."

"Just wanted to say a thank you for the cake! As we have two people leaving tomorrow we are going to dig into it then

Birthday cakes stacked on shelf                    Birthday cakes stacked on shelf

"Thank you for the lovely cake and Congratulations on your 10 years!"

"Thanks to all at Spectrum for the delicious cake you sent us. It was devoured within milliseconds (by the staff - not only me!!)"

"Thank you for the cake. Happy 10th for Spectrum. Much appreciated."

"Thank you for the cake delivery this morning. Half of its gone already. Cake = Happy Team "

"Congratulation to Spectrum’s 10 year, thank you for the lovely cake that was delivered today, that was a really nice gesture. Can I say, it has been great working with you, you are one of the only recruiters that doesn’t give me hassle. I really appreciate that. Thanks again and congrats to Spectrum IT."

Many thanks for the cake that you sent. It has been completely devoured by the developers in the office and was much appreciated. We'll be in touch soon with regards to hiring again.

"Thank you so much for the anniversary cake. This was a really lovely surprise and was enjoyed (quickly) on Friday by the tech teams. Congratulations on your 10 year business anniversary."

"Congratulations on your 10th year as Spectrum IT and many thanks for your celebratory cake! The cake lasted 5 minutes before a few crumbs where left." 

"Just wanted to say thanks for the cake! It arrived when I was out of office yesterday and it was my birthday recently - so I was very confused when Angie said there was a cake here for me until we opened it and realised it was for everyone! The team enjoyed it so that's the main thing!"

"Thank you so much for sending us one of your lovely cakes! I popped it into our kitchen for everyone to share and it is proving to be very popular - everyone says it is delicious! Happy 10 years to all of you :)"

"Many thanks for (your) birthday cake! Much appreciated, and congratulations on 10 years trading. Wishing you many more years of success and growth. We look forward to enjoying the sweet treat with our afternoon coffees."