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​Benefits of offering remote & hybrid working

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Many UK office staff are undecided between continuing to work remotely after government restrictions lift or make a complete return to their workplace. 

Offering remote and hybrid working options provides many benefits to your business and the people you employ. Here are some reasons why it has a positive impact:

An unlimited pool of candidates

Businesses restricted to recruiting candidates within commuting distance from the office may have potentially missed out on the candidates for the job. Hiring remote employees can benefit your business by bringing in a more diverse workforce and scarce skills to your location. 

Fewer distractions

Avoid distractions in a noisy office environment. Interruptions can take time to deal with, which can affect productivity. Continual interruptions at work can lead to an unconscious increase in the stress hormone cortisol.

Mental well-being

Little to no commute has meant employees have seen improvements to their sleep patterns, reducing stress levels caused by commuting during peak times. Hybrid working enables businesses to implement and create environments that ultimately fit into employee’s lives. Employees can then find the right work-life balance which works for them.

Reduces office space

With fewer people in the office, businesses are downsizing and providing hot-desking for those returning to the office, saving money on rent and managed service costs.

Saves employees money

Employees can live anywhere in the UK, saving them money on accommodation, living and commuting costs.

Increases productivity levels 

Productivity is one of the biggest concerns employers have with staff working from home. The pandemic forced everyone to stay at home, with businesses forced to adapt to this new way of working. Working from home has been a success for many companies achieving the same or better performance from their employees during this time. 

Environmental benefits

Employees no longer need to commute to client meetings or site visits as they can attend these meetings virtually and then continue where they left off straight after the meeting. Regaining time back that they would previously have had to leave the house to commute to their workplace, avoid traffic and save money on rising travel costs.

Improves loyalty 

With the added trust from employers in their teams, employees will feel more secure in their roles, meaning employee retention will be directly affected as they are less likely to leave. The cost of hiring new staff goes beyond just their salary and includes recruitment fees, training and company benefits. Therefore, being able to retain staff is a massive benefit to businesses.

Sick days

Staff feeling under the weather can continue to work from home if they feel up to it without using up a sick day or spreading germs in the office. Employers also set to gain whilst staff continue to work.


Before the pandemic, many would not have imagined this hybrid way of working. Staying at home has forced us to find new ways to communicate and keep in touch. 

Hybrid working is here to stay. Employers will need to start or continue to offer this way of working to attract and retain employees in their business.

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