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Clear Notifications

In the top right of your screen there is a bell icon. If you have a new notifications, there will be a red number next to this icon.

Notifications will relate to documents which require your approval. Notifications will continue to flash up on your Timesheet Portal homepage until they are cleared. Approving the timesheet, or document will not trigger these to stop.

To clear notifications, click on the bell icon and select a notication. This will display a pop up where you can select one of the following options:
"Click Here" This will take you to the page on the portal which relates to the notification i.e. the document.
"Mark as Read" This will clear the notication. You will be unable to find this notificaiton again so please only click this if you have actioned the document.
"Cancel" This will close the pop-up. It will not clear the notification or action the document.

If you have a lot of notifications which you no longer need, you can clear them by clicking 'Clear All Notifications'.