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Compliance [Documents]

Please note. Managers will not automatically see this tab. If you feel you should have access to this area of the Timesheet Portal, please do get in touch so we can investigate this for you.

Menu Options

The following options are available from the Compliance tab:

Current Documents: Use this feature to search for a specific document. You can filter by criteria including Worker, Document Status, Date and Document Name.

Contract Documents: View all your currently assigned documents. This will include documents needing approval, those for information only, and any previously approved documents.

Viewing Documents

Once you have generated a search, you will see a list of assigned documents to review. 

  • View The Document: Click View on the right of the page to download the document for review.
  • To see more information about each document, click on the Reference. This will take you to the Contract Document Details. 
  • The Comments section of the page will show a message from Spectrum IT Recruitment. This may include more information about this document.
  • Query or Comment: If needed, you can add a comment or query about this document for the attention of Spectrum IT Recruitment. Add your comment or query into the available box and click Add Comment/ Add Query. A query document will change the status to query for Spectrum IT Recruitment to respond.

Approving Documents

Once you have reviewed your document, you can approve it in two ways:

  1. Bulk Approved: This is the quickest way to approve several documents at once. From the Compliance tab, select Contract Documents for a full list of Documents awaiting your approval. Under the Accept column, use the tick box to select each item that you want to accept and click Accept. You may be asked to confirm your password before you can complete this action.

  2. Individually Approve: The other method is to approve each document individually by clicking on the Reference of the item to view more information about this timesheet or expense claim. Once this further information appears, you must enter your password at the bottom and click Accept.