Connecting LinkedIn

Menus Explained

Once you have logged in, you will be presented with the portal homepage. The main navigation menu is along the top of the screen and allows you to access the various parts of the portal.

Spectrum IT timesheet portal menu toolbarThis menu bar may vary depending on the services which Spectrum IT Recruitment feel you will require for your role. Below are the tabs which you are likely to use.

Tabs Along The Top:

Home: The icon showing 4 boxes is your homepage link. Your homepage summarises the recent activity on your portal.

Timesheets: This tab gives you access to manage the timesheets of your workers. You can search all timesheets, or narrow the search further by using the Unauthorised, Authorise, Approved or Rejected submenu.

Expenses: This tab gives you similar features to the Timesheets tab. You can search Expense Claims from your workers.

Sales: This tab gives you access to the Invoices and Credit Notes for your company.

Compliance [Documents]: This tab allows you to manage documents which Spectrum IT Recruitment have sent you to authorise.

Profiles: Use this tab to view the details of your Workers and their placements.

Your Details:

At the top right corner of the screen, you will see your name, next to the word 'Manager'. Click here for the following menu options.

Personal Details: Check the details we hold for you. We use another database to make contact with you, therefore please contact us at contract@spectrumit.co.uk to amend these details.
Change Password:  Use this feature to change your password.
Logout: Click here to sign out of your account.


Click on the bell icon to view all your notifications. This list will include an alert of contract paperwork which needs approving. Click 'Clear all notifications' to empty this list.

Contact: Our contact details are stored under this tab, including; registered address, telephone and email address.