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Status Definitions

It is useful to understand the meaning of a timesheet or expense Status. 

How To View The Status

Along the green bar at the top, select the relevant tab (Timesheets or Expenses). In the drop-down menu, select Search. Leave the search filters blank and click Search (bottom left) to see the full list of the timesheets or expenses you are associated with. There will be a column named Status.

Draft Timesheets/ Expense

The timesheet portal allows contractors to produce a timesheet or expense and save it as a Draft, rather than submitting. You will not be able to view or authorise their Draft versions.

Submitted Timesheets/ Expense

Once a contractor has completed a claim, they submit it for your approval. The status will remain as Submitted until it is Approved or Rejected. Contractors are unable to edit claims that have been submitted. Any errors should be resolved by Rejecting the claim. The contractor will then be able to resolve the issue.

Approved Timesheets/ Expense

An Approved claim is one that has been submitted and authorised by the contractor's Approval Manager, or Alternative Approver. It is not possible to edit an Approved timesheet or expense. Please contact contract@spectrumit.co.uk if you spot a mistake.

Rejected Timesheets/ Expense

A Rejected claim is one that the contractor's Approval Manager or Alternative Approver has refused to accept. This is usually because of incorrect information. You should provide a comment to explain why this claim was rejected. Once rejected, the claim will convert back to Draft.