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Document Information

Your contract document will be sent to you for approval via the Timesheet Portal. We will also send information about payment dates and deadlines in this way.

To access your documents, go to the Compliance tab. From the drop-down menu, select Contract Documents. This will display a list of all documents which have been assigned to you.

Viewing Documents

To view a document, scroll to the right of the screen and click View. This will download a copy onto your computer.

Approving Documents

To approve a document, tick the box in the first collumn titled 'Accept'. Confirm by clicking the Accept button. You may be asked to confirm your Timesheet Portal password.

Document Status

For Acceptance
This will require you to log in to the Timesheet Portal and click Accept to acknowledge that you agree with this document's contents.

For Information
This type of document is for information purposes only and does not require you to accept it. Typically this will be your Guide to Self-Billing & Payments. It is important you read this through carefully.

This is a document that you have already approved.​

If you have any further questions please email contract@spectrumit.co.uk | BACK TO MENU