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Menus Explained

Once you have logged in you will be presented with the portal dashboard. The main navigation menu is along the top of the screen and allows you to access the various parts of the portal.

This menu bar may vary depending on the services which Spectrum IT Recruitment feel you will require for your role. Below are the tabs which you are likely to use.

Spectrum IT timesheet portal menu display


Clicking on the Spectrum IT Recruitment logo will take you back to the dashboard. Here you will see messages and important information.


This tab gives you access to manage your timesheets. You can Create new, view Drafts and see a list of all of your timesheets using various filters.

Spectrum IT timesheet portal timesheet menu drop-down


This tab gives you similar features to the Timesheets tab, however, please note that in most cases this is not accessible. Many companies will process expenses internally. Due to this reason, you may be presented with the following error message: Cannot create an Expense - no suitable placements found.


This tab is for the self-billing feature which Spectrum IT Recruitment have introduced. This is a free service available for all contractors. Once you have been given access, you will be able to manage your invoices much like your timesheets.


This tab allows you to manage any documents which Spectrum IT Recruitment have sent you to authorise. 


Use this tab to view the details of your clients and placements.

Your Name - Worker

In the top right corner, you will see your name, followed by the word 'Worker'. Click on this tab for options to check the details we hold for you. Should you notice any errors in this information, email contract@spectrumit.co.uk. There is also a link to change your password and logout of your account.


Also in the top right corner are your notification/ alerts. Read these for updates on your documents and timesheets.

If you have any further questions please email contract@spectrumit.co.uk | BACK TO MENU