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Timesheet Status

It is useful to understand the meaning of a timesheet Status. 

How To View The Status

Use the 'Timesheets' tab at the top of the online portal. From the drop-down menu, select Search. If you leave the Search filters as they are and click Search (bottom left), you will see a full list of your timesheets. There will be a column named Status.

Draft Timesheets

The timesheet portal allows you to produce a timesheet and save it as a Draft, rather than submitting. If your timesheet has a status of Draft, this means that your Approval Manager is unable to view it. It also means that they are unable to authorise it until it is Submitted.

Submitted Timesheets

Once you have completed a timesheet, you submit it for approval. The status will remain as Submitted until it is Approved or Rejected. You are unable to edit a Submitted timesheet, however, Spectrum IT Recruitment can revert this back to Draft for you. Please email contract@spectrumit.co.uk for help.

Approved Timesheets

An Approved timesheet is one that you have submitted and has then been Approved by one of your Approval Managers. it is not possible to edit an Approved timesheet. Please contact contract@spectrumit.co.uk if you spot a mistake.

Rejected Timesheets

A Rejected timesheet is one that your Approval Manager(s) has refused to approve. This is usually because of incorrect information. Often Managers will provide a comment to explain why they rejected a timesheet. Once rejected, the timesheet will convert back to Draft so that you are able to edit it, and resubmit.

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