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PHP Development

PHP and LAMP stack technologies are a major force across the South. Spectrum IT introduced a PHP specialist recruitment team to manage the increasing demand for skilled candidates and to reach deep into the local tech communities to unearth the best talent in the industry. Spectrum IT Recruitment are platinum sponsors of PHPSouthCoast (2015-2017) and continue to support the PHP tech community through sponsorships and endorsements of their User Group meetups.

The teams’ passion for PHP and investment in candidate attraction has enabled our clients to hire great talent and build world-class solutions.  Combined with Spectrum IT Recruitment’s long-term partnership approach we are well known to and embedded within the PHP community by clients and job seekers alike.

Our PHP team have expert knowledge in recruiting across the PHP & Web tech stack including; PHP, LAMP, WAMP, MVC frameworks (including Laravel, Symfony, Zend, Codeigniter, Yii, CakePHP, etc.) Cloud, GCP, AWS, CI/CD, Docker, Go, JavaScript (Angular, Node, React), HTML, CSS, Elasticsearch, PHPUnit, Git. 

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