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Lime Wood Hotel Reward

Group photo of the Spectrum IT Team at Limewood Hotel

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ery quarter we reward the hardest workers at Spectrum IT Recruitment. This started as a luxury meal, giving it the name 'Lunch for Legends'. It has since developed into a variety of rewards but the name has stuck. Check out Matt's story of the 2015 QTR3 Lunch for Legends reward to the Rugby World Cup.

The Chefs table at Lime Wood Hotel by Andy Mealey, Senior Contract Account Manager
Friday 13th May 2016

Quarter one at Spectrum has flown by, and with the end of quarter comes the traditional Spectrum End of Quarter Lunch for Legends. This year it was at Hartnett Holder & Co based at the spectacular Lime Wood Hotel in the heart of the New Forest. The 10 target hitting Spectrobots set off from the Spectrum offices at 10:30, everyone looking smart, though one Spectrobot used the opportunity of the great weather to showcase his shorts.

The taxis made their way through the New Forest, past the free-roaming Horses and pulled up outside the Lime Wood Hotel. In true Spectrobot fashion, the group headed to the bar for pre-lunch drinks in the sun, with some local lagers and ales served up everyone was happy.

Pictured - Ryan Oatley, Tom Rayner, Phil Meehan, Steve Wright, Daniel Sumpter, Ian Cruickshank, Ian Taylor, Matt Randall, Mark Howarth, Andy Mealey.

After a couple of drinks, it was time to start what would be one of the longest and most enjoyable lunches in history. Not only was the lunch in the renowned Hartnett Holder & Co restaurant, it was at the Chefs table in the kitchen. The menus were handed out, though very quickly the Chef was asked to cook whatever he liked, and wine was poured by the Sommelier for the first course who explained its origin and subtle flavours.

The first courses arrived; an award-winning spicy Italian sausage on a pizza slice, along with Gnocchi in green pesto. This was exquisite. The main course was roast beef, from an award-winning farm that only supplies 3 other restaurants in the country. Lamb was served with a crust of herbs and truffles. This was some of the best meat I have ever tasted. Only broccoli spears accompanied the main course, as earlier in the meal someone had shouted “no need to worry too much about the veg”, and the Chef had truly obliged.

A plate of lamb cutlets

Limewood chefs working

Limewood chefs working

Paired with the main course was a bottle of Ronchedone, a deep dark wine showing a 'vibrant fruit forward-bouquet with aromas of ripe blueberries' which matched the meat perfectly. After the main course, it was time for a tour of the kitchen, speaking with the cooks and the Chef, a once in a lifetime opportunity for many. Some of the lucky Spectrobots were taken in to look at the dessert line and offered a taste of several different desserts including a chocolate tart and an assortment of eclairs including a special lemon grass éclair.

Some of the Spectrum IT team at the chefs table

The dessert wine was served as the walk around the kitchen was coming to an end. With it an ever indulgent puff pastry of berries, cream and sugar were devoured by the full and bursting Spectrobots. After dessert, the party continued outside in the sunshine of Lime Wood Hotel’s glorious garden, where more craft beers were polished off. The taxis arrived later in the afternoon with some of the group continuing to Ashurst for more drinks before the day come to a (very late) end.