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Nicole Doughton CVs & Interviews

Once you have impressed with your CV, your interview is your second chance to shine and expand upon the key points in your CV to prove why you are right for the job. Here are some hints for a successful interview.

Get prepared

Now that you have a solid CV, it won’t be long before the calls come in inviting you to an interview. The first thing to do once a date is booked is do your research. Understand the company that you are going into, what they are looking for and exactly what the job entails. Often company Facebook pages or similar are good for giving an insight into the ‘feel’ of a company, whereas the website may be more corporate and packed with business information.

Good impressions 

Prepare yourself for the interview by going over your CV and considering answers to common or likely questions. Pick a suitable outfit and lay it out in advance. Plan your journey and add on extra time, research where to park and aim to arrive a little early.  

In the interview 

Always be yourself in the interview – the recruiter wants to know who they are hiring and will see through any act. Answer the questions concisely and don’t be afraid to ask for clarity if you’re unsure what is being asked. Be honest, knowledgeable and don’t put yourself down; sell your strengths and what you could bring to the company. 

Be proactive  

In the interview itself, take the opportunity to ask questions about the company and the job. An interview is as much your chance to see if the role and company are right for you, as it is for the company to see whether you are suited to the position. After the interview, follow up and ask for feedback, particularly if you are not offered the role as this can provide valuable feedback for future interviews.