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CV Do's and Don'ts To Stand Out

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Nicole Doughton CVs & Interviews

Starting a CV can be the hardest part. Knowing what to include, what to miss out and how to put it all onto the page can leave you in need of a lot of advice. Here is a handy takeaway list of Do and Don't for creating the perfect CV.

All this advice is from years experience in IT recruitment, witnessing some CVs which are holding candidates back. Included in this list are points which you might not realise are a barrier to finding your next employer. For example, did you know that putting text into boxes and tables might mean your impressive CV content is being missed? Many job boards and agencies use scanning technology to make your CV searchable to recruiters. Avoiding boxes and pictures which include your important career information can enhance your chances of being spotted.

Do's and Don'ts list of what to include in a CV