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Why Should You Use a Recruitment Agency on an Exclusive Basis?

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Lesley Morgan Recruiting Tips

A client of mine asked me this question today. Here are some thoughts as to why...

  • We work best with clients when it's a one-to-one, partner relationship where we have the time to invest in a high quality, deep search which yields the best results possible - leading to the best hires.
  • It gives you more time to get on with your job instead of having to deal with multiple contacts – you leave the recruitment to us
  • You only have to brief one agency, and won’t need to deal with answering the same questions about the requirement you are trying to fill
  • Diary Management - We can schedule set times to reviews CVs, arrange interviews, feedback etc. to save you time
  • We have good connections in the IT industry and work with many candidates on an exclusive basis.
  • You get a more thorough screening process as it is not a ‘fastest finger first’ scenario – we would have time complete a detailed search and access our full resources i.e. our database, networks, communities, user groups we sponsor and social media.
  • When it is a ‘fastest finger first’ process it wastes your time sifting through CVs that are not necessarily the right fit for the job.
  • We are able to really get to know your business so our screening process is not just about matching skill sets to a job specification. It is about cultural, team and business fit.
  • It provides you access to more qualified candidates – these are what we call ‘active’ and ‘passive’ candidates - ‘active’ candidates register with multiple agencies and put their CV on multiple job boards so all of the agencies you employ will be looking at the same talent pool. ‘Passive’ candidates are the ones we keep in touch with continually and build relationships with. Passive candidates are generally not on the job boards or actively looking but their head could be turned by certain things – we are constantly checking in with them, we know what may instigate a move so are able to get the candidates others may not be able to.
  • It prevents candidate duplication and sometimes potential embarrassment/confusion if the same candidate is sent over by multiple agencies. Situations like these, sometimes lead to the ideal hire missing out on a great opportunity in order to avoid a disagreement with both agencies claiming ownership over the CV.