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Spectrum IT”s director Steve Wright has been sharing his wealth of experience in IT recruitment with the podcasting world. With an estimated 15.6 million podcast listeners in the UK in 2020, featuring on a podcast is a great way of reaching eager ears from all walks of life.

Back in September, Steve was featured on Bitpicking, a podcast dedicated to ‘musing and banter on software and product development’. The podcast has been going since August 2018 and has just concluded its latest series.

In the hour-long conversation, Steve talks to hosts Greg and Laura about the role of the recruitment agency for today’s jobseekers. The podcast usually focuses on the other side of the industry – from the viewpoint of the IT professional – so this was an opportunity to present a fresh perspective, especially at a time when there is a lot of job uncertainty due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

This is one of the discussion topics during the podcast – the impact of coronavirus on the IT recruitment sector, particularly in the height of lockdown over the summer of 2020. The trio also discuss what IT professionals are looking for in companies when job seeking, and how important these considerations are for employers looking to attract the best talent.

The team go on to look at remote working and how this has impacted the IT industry in terms of recruitment. The podcast also explores the purpose of an IT recruitment agency, and how it works on behalf of both candidates and clients as a people-driven service. The podcast is littered with top tips for both job seekers and hiring companies.   

It’s a really interesting insight into the world of IT recruitment, so if you’re not sure what it’s all about and how it can enhance your experience as a job seeker or employer, then it’s certainly worth a listen!

Listen to the episode here.