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The Rise of Remote Working Permanent and Contract IT Jobs

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Nicole Doughton Remote Working, A Career in IT, Contracting...

During the COVID-19 pandemic many companies have had to progress their technology, either to operate their core business or as a business opportunity to adapt or advance their products and services. We are finding that once our clients have identified a need to recruit and if they are highly engaged in the recruitment process then the length of time to get someone on board may be relatively swift. Whilst many industries have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, the tech sector has demonstrated an incredible level of resilience. Despite a turbulent period, jobs in the tech sector have continued to grow steadily as our clients start to reignite projects.

As an established business with local market knowledge, Spectrum IT has a large network of candidates that it can access when sourcing candidates to meet specific client requirements. With more and more employers offering remote working, we can place candidate further afield, providing more job opportunities to our candidates and a wider pool of candidates to our clients. Traffic to our website has remained buoyant as candidates search for new roles and has risen steadily in line with the increase in available jobs.

Employers have become more innovative with their interviewing and onboarding processes when the usual office environment has not been accessible. Telephone and video conferencing have become the norm for the interview process, and this often extends to ‘meet the team’ and virtual office tours. Laptops and other IT hardware can be couriered to the new employee’s home so that they can get up and running from day one.

Most of us have experienced at least some working from home over the past few months. In many cases, the pandemic has shown that employees have adjusted and can work from home.

We are finding that employers are willing to offer candidates greater flexibility around working hours and the proportion of home working to office working to accommodate specific personal circumstances. Another benefit from this shift towards home working is the saving in commuting time, contributing to a better work/ life balance which is increasingly important to many candidates.

Are you looking for an IT job that allows remote working? Check out the hybrid and fully remote jobs on our website. Head to www.spectrumit.co.uk/jobs and type remote in the search bar.