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Flexible Working changes are coming

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​New government plans to strengthen day one employment rights and increase productivity of businesses could impact millions. Are you ready for the proposed changes?

Recently the government unveiled planned changes to employment rights meaning that every employee in Great Britain will be given the right to request flexible working – regardless of time served.

The remote working revolution has been huge in the last year and arguably the biggest disruption to the UK employment market for years. More and more companies are offering flexibility with hybrid or fully remote working options in order to maintain their current staff and attract new talent. Some companies have been ahead of the curve on this and already have plans in place but some have fallen behind the curve and risk being caught out as new government plans may give all employees the right to request flexible working from day 1.

For a tangible example of how the market has changed in the last 12 months I took a look back at the working arrangement on the jobs I filled from Q3 2020 & Q3 2021. The results were profound:

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The trend is clear to see! The majority of roles are now fully remote and hiring for office based jobs is almost non-existent in 2021. Love it or hate it this is the reality of the market we are now operating in and companies have to adjust fast or risk a mass exodus of talent.

What is your companies current policy on remote working?

What plans do you have in place for when employees request more flexibility?

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