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Office vs Remote vs Hybrid

Office vs Remote vs Hybrid

Sam Stocks Remote Working, Recruiting Tips

Do you have a long term plan for remote working?

2 years ago, everyone was working full time/the majority of the time in the office, it was the norm. Times have changed! Covid19 sped up the remote working revolution and has proved it is possible for nearly all office jobs to be worked remotely. With the pandemic now coming to an end 🤞 companies are pondering what to do? Do we ask staff to return to the office? Do we let them continue to work fully remote? Or do we take a hybrid approach? I think the key to this decision is understanding what candidates/employees want or will consider, so I asked the question:

How often would you commute to an office now and in the future?

Pie chart showing results of "How often would you commute to an office now and in the future"

Over 350 of my network responded and the results may surprise you. 69% of candidates will only consider fully remote jobs or occasional office visits, 28% of people would consider 2/3 days a week onsite and only 3% of people would consider a full time return to the office. Remote working has no longer become a perk but an expectation from the market.

Whether you are hiring or not, you need to consider these changes before deciding on long term plans for your business. The number 1 reason I am seeing candidates come to market now is that their company has asked them to come back into the office more than they are willing to. If you have a team of 10 software devs and ask them to come back in 2+ days per week, statistically 7 of them will be looking to leave right now. Can you afford to lose those employees? Can you realistically replace them?

If you are running a tech team/business you need to consider not only the attraction of new candidates but the risk of losing your current employees.

If you are interested in more data insights and research into what the tech job market is doing right now feel free to reach out – SamStocks@SpectrumIT.co.uk