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Tech Day of Pink 2023

Estee Lauder Tech day of Pink statistics

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We recently spoke to Seamus Bowman, Digital Tech Lead at The Estée Lauder Companies, to discuss their Tech Day of Pink, and their involvement with Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Can you explain about the Tech Dey of Pink and how it all started?
Well, it all started with Evelyn Lauder leadership in 1993.She co-founded the Pink Ribbon and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), which is now the highest-rated non-profit breast cancer organization in the U.S.To date BCRF has funded more than $118 million globally for research. Then, in 2017 our CIO, Michael Smith, created Tech Day of Pink as an initiative dedicated to mobilizing the global tech community to help create a world free of breast cancer.


What made you get involved in Tech Day of Pink?
It’s just a great opportunity to do something that affects people’s lives for the better. The fact that it supports the BCRF and aims to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer and how to raise funds for it makes it even more rewarding.It’s a virtuous endeavor, and I’m personally very proud to be part of the team again this year.


What events/fundraisers have you held to help raise money, and your most memorable moments from previous Tech Day of Pink events?
Well, they’re all memorable! When I support the initiative, the main focus is a successful event and just making sure everything is moving in the right direction. A fond memory is the health talk last year with Breast Cancer Now. Manveet Basra gave an engaging talk about breast cancer symptoms, how to check, and provided valuable information to ensure everyone was aware of the potential dangers.The event was originally set up for our contractors and employees, but we were delighted to have some of our tech partners, which helped raise even more awareness. We had a high attendance, lots of engagement and positive feedback from the event.


What are the top Tech Day of Pink achievements to date?
Last year, Tech Day of Pink has raised over $580,000 for BCRF through various endeavors such as a benefit concert, silent auction, walkathon.We had over 100 companies participate. Over the years ELC’s Breast Cancer Campaign (of which TDOP is a part) has highlighted many landmarks pink – The Eiffel Tower, The Sydney Opera House, Milan Cathedral, the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa among others. It is truly an international endeavor!


What are the goals of Tech Day of Pink and where can you see it going in the future?
I think the goals will never change to be honest. It’s about raising awareness, getting as much funding to BCRF as possible, and bringing people together within the tech community and beyond.We hope to broaden engagement with more partners for sure.I’d love to get the BT Tower in pink!


How can people get involved with Tech Day of Pink?
If people are able to, any internal, pink-themed event will help raise awareness and donations. Walkathons, auctions, quizzes, bake sales, pink hair, wigs or nails, anything pink! It’s about bringing people together and raising what we can for BCRF.

Tech Day of Pink is held on 12th October. To see more of the amazing achievements of BCRF, please click here. You can make a donation to BCRF through Tech Day of Pink here